Proper Nutrition for Schoolchildren

A proper regime of food is most important means to ensure the health, normal growth and development of a child. The basic principles of rational nutrition are conformity of the energy value of food; meeting the major nutrient needs; and optimal meals.

Health begins in childhood when the process of growth and development of the organism is most intense. However, attending school demands a great deal of mental stress and physical energy. To offset this loss of energy, one of the important conditions for enhancing the health of schoolchildren is a balanced diet. Proper nutrition for children is essential for their health; aiding resistance to the effects of infection and other adverse factors, and the ability to learn for all age levels; and school meals play an important role in the overall structure of the nutritional status of children and adolescents. The nutrition of students during their school day is a key factor in maintaining their health and the effectiveness of their learning. Healthy school meals have become especially important in recent years because children spend a considerable time at school and the learning process is very intense. As well, the low socio-economic level of many families means they are unable to provide children with adequate food at home.

The Children of Central Asia Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children at risk. Whether it is through local support of Central Asian orphanages, international assistance programs, or awareness. Proper health and nutrition is a basic physiological need that many children in Central Asia cannot afford.

We encourage all of the donors, volunteers, and friends to take a look at the full article, which contains detailed information on important dietary recommendations for children.

Source: Proper Nutrition for Schoolchildren (Russian)