One Day In Autism Center In Astana, Kazakhstan

Learn how this art studio in Kazakhstan is using art to help the youth of Almaty Kazakhstan.

The video shows basic information about the children with Austistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The director of the Center tells that the educational process is a step-by-step system of learning. It is really important to make the child speak clearly and fluently, so others could understand what they want to say or do. The second step is to make autistic children do what they want to do without help of others (parents, assistants, therapists). They should be able to sit, stand, walk, eat by themselves. The third stage is a social adaptation. They are just children, they need to have lots of friends, be part of the team, to have happy and bright childhood.

The Center where the video was shot is The Center for Autistic Children called Tamshylar, based in Astana, Kazakhstan.