Operation Renovation

Starting in 2013, the COCA Foundation will kick off Operation Renovation, where we will help renovate the Dushanbe, Tajikistan orphanage. After years of neglect, the Dushanbe, Tajikistan orphanage has fallen into such disrepair that the children must endure the extreme cold and heat with hardly any protection from the elements. Unfortunately, Tajikistan, like other Central Asian countries, lacks the will, capability, and capacity to help and protect the orphanage, so it is up to us to step in an assist those who are unable to help themselves. 

Our immediate goal is to fix the 8 broken windows in the orphanage. This will provide an immediate and critical amount of insulation for the children and staff. After which, we will begin targeting the critical life support systems such as heat, clean water, and lighting.

The COCA Foundation has already begun planning and funding for the windows project, but we will need your support and generous donations in order to begin working on the additional phases.