Granny Program

Are you a grandmother or anyone interested in being a role model in the life of an orphan? if so, you may be interested in COCA Foundations’ new “Granny Program.” 

The “Granny Program” is a new program through the Children Of Central Asia Foundation with the goal of helping Central Asian Orphans by building a trusted and symbolic link with a role model.

All children need a long lasting relationship with at least one committed adult. The family-type relationship that is formed provides stability and support to help improve the lives of the children. This can be vital to improving their education, health and future. As a role model, your wisdom and experience will be shared with children who need you. You will be providing guidance and love to children living in orphanages.

How the Granny Program benefits the children

The relationship provides a positive guiding presence in their lives and the family connection that is so important to their development.

How the Granny Program benefits you

The relationships formed can help to avoid loneliness and isolation. Volunteering not only puts your physical body to work; it also occupies your mind.

How to get involved with the Granny Program

Simply send an email to with the subject line “Granny Program.”

How will you communicate with your pen pal

The Orphans do not have the luxuries of cell phones and computers, so we communicate via snail mail. We provide a common US based address for our “Grannies”, and route the email to the appropriate child in Central Asia.