Wheelchairs for Almaty

We tend to complain a lot about minimum and living wages in the US, but in reality, a living wage to us means something completely different in Central Asia.

The average household income in Central Asia is between $1,200 and $3,600, which is nothing compared to $54,000 that US households bring in. This, of course, doesn’t hold a candle to social programs like health care, in which 3rd world countries have never heard of. It is common for families in those countries to go without amenities that we as americans do not even attribute to quality of life. This is why the Children of Central Asia Foundation has begun its “Wheelchairs for Almaty” program.

After many years witnessing the hardships of the citizens of Central Asian countries, we identified an opportunity to help people with one of the simplest abilities that we hold for granted; Mobility. Last year, through partnership with local organizations, the Children of Central Asia foundation helped 200 people become mobile by providing new wheelchairs to replace their broken, disabled, or otherwise inoperable ones.

This year, we are looking to you for help. We are currently working on purchasing an additional 20 wheelchairs for several poor and single parent families that we have worked with. Our goal, with your help, will be to reach 500 wheelchairs in the next year.