Eye of the Beholder

Sponsored by the Children of Central Asia Foundation, Eye of the Beholder is a documentary film directed by Sohrob Fatoorechie. Sohrob, an eleven year old filmmaker made the movie in Tajikistan in the summer of 2011. The 27 minute documentary premiered in October, 2011, at the Avalon Theater in Washington, DC. It has also been shown in Tajikistan.

Sohrob Fatoorechie was born on December 22 1999 in DC metropolitan area, being born in a family of Persian immigrants from a young age he was exposed to both Persian and American culture. From a very young age he has traveled extensively with his parents to many countries and is fluent in Farsi and English language.

From age 8 he showed an interest in film making and often used the camera as a means of telling a story. As he got older and acquired a better camera he got his friends engaged in his film scenarios and started creating short films. Having a sense of humor he has always managed to integrate comedy into his film creation.

In summer of 2011 he was sponsored by a charity organization to direct a documentary film about the lives of orphan children in Central Asia which was filmed in Tajikstan. This was the first time that he had the opportunity to work with a professional film crew and the result has been a great learning experience for him in pursuit of a future career in film making. Eye of The Behloder is a 27 minute documentary about the deep felt sorrows of orphan children of Tajikistan. His experience in directing this documentary has thought him a great deal about the challenges that are involved in making a film and also delivering a message about a cause.