COCA welcomes new center for Autism in Astana, Kazakhstan

COCA is proud to support Astana, Kazakhstans new center for children with autistic spectrum disorder. Structured like a kindergarten (breaks, naps, activities, and meals), the center can accept up to 20 children, where they are immersed into a full day of specialized therapy.

Toys and medical tools

The center in Astana will employ ABA therapists, a psychologist, a speech therapist and a speech pathologist.

The Mission of the Center includes providing individual lessons and trainings with each child, creating a program of development for every different case, and adapting children with autism to communicate with children of the same age without ASD.

Attending the opening ceremony were Ms. Shamziya Dyusekenova; the third RK spaceman and National Hero Mr. Aidyn Aimbetov; curator of “Rostok” center in Almaty Ms. Zhanat Ahmetova, ABA therapist; managing director of “Children of Central Asia” foundation Dr. John Griffin; Mr. Askar Toksanbayev; First Deputy Chief of the National Defense University, Col. Serik Asanov; psychologist and world healer, Mr. Meyram Yskakuly; speech therapist, Ms. Gulnara Kairovna; and speech pathologist,  Ms. Svetlana Latofovna; along with close friends, relatives, parents and neighbors.

Mr. Anton and Irina Tolmasov made a donation for children with ASD. They have two children of their own with autism disorder: Vladislav (aged 5) and Alexandra (aged 4). Another donation came from Managing Director of COCA foundation, and a donation from the military base.

Center name: ABA center for children with autistic spectrum disorder “Daryn”

Opening date: 01/04/16

Director: Azhmoldayev, Darkhan Adilzhanovich, ABA therapist, BCBA