2010 Nutrition Study Shows that Conditions are only Worstening

We recently received a copy of the a 2010 study conducted by the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, Almaty, Kazakhstan and were shocked to see that conditions in Central Asia are only worsening.

The article showed the results from tests performed on a sampling of 10 year old and 15 year old children from schools in Almaty. Based upon standards from the WHO (World Health Organization), the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition was able to clearly see a breakdown in the ability for children to get the proper amounts of micronutrients needed to prevent malnutrition and other preventable conditions and diseases.

Below you can find the original report in Russian, as well as the extract in English.

Source: Monitoring Food Consumption, Nutritional State, and the Status of School Children in Almaty in 2010 (Russian)

English Translation